Wednesday, March 5, 2014

#941: Lee Mercer

Lee Mercer Jr. was a 2008 candidate for the Democratic nomination for President of the US. To understand his platform one might first need to understand some facts about his background, and we’ll give it in his own words since his unconventional grammar makes a little hard to determine exactly what those main points are: “Since my high school graduation in 1969,” Mercer says, “I developed myself to my own academic interest to be a Collegiate Professional.” The next important event occurred in 1992, when “[t]he State of Texas installed an intelligence hotwire in me at the United States Army Military Intelligence Academy Camp Bullis San Antonio, Texas.” Therefore “[a]s a part of my continuing eduaction, I am making my presidential campaign part of my ROTC Intelligence Academics to record the learnings, doings, and examples of the United States Government as a government consultant, community developer, and financial planner appointed by the United States Federal Congress to record my biography in the United States Government Presidential Election for 2008 from Electronic Surveillance to develop records on the United States Government Presidential Campaign because I am on an academic intelligence hotwire that can not be unhooked by anyone.” Which might raise some questions about his motivations for becoming president, but it is not entirely clear.

As for his campaign platform (his campaign website is here), the most important element seems to be “The United States Federal Congress has encouraged me to want to become President of the United States so that I can do what the President of the United States of America is supposed to do and complete the federal and military government biography and autobiography in development in Eye Spy Community-Military Intelligence (All Three) Business and Commerce Intelligence Education across the board National and International.” Right; but also “[t]o prove that you need to pay the American Citizens before I die,” and “[t]o prove that every person in the United States and world is hooked up on an Eye Spy Community-Military Intelligence (All Three) Electronic surveillance hot-wires approved by the United States Congress for the U.S. Government Electronic Surveillance of every citizen in America for government intelligence circumstances will equal to the United States Government's Technocracy.” And, for the clincher, “To prove the United States of America has two Governments and they are Government #1 and Government #2 and I own Government # 1 ...”

In short, what he seems to be up to is thinking that he is really a robot and needs to take over the government as part of his program. In fact, everyone is controlled by the mind control program that created him. That’s why you should vote for him. Also, it is supposed to be payback time, it seems.

Diagnosis: Didn’t make much headway in the nomination process, which is a pity since America obviously needs The Man who will “[p]rove I have solved every crime in the world as it happens from zero to start to finish for every crime done in Business and Commerce Intelligence National and International.”


  1. William J. Murray (the guy in charge of the Government Is Not God PAC who's method of argument is stringing scary buzz words together into an incoherent mess)
    Charles Murray (author of the Bell Curve)
    Michael Medved

    1. Not wanting to come across as too political, I actually skipped Medved on purpose. Though, if nothing else, his intelligent design sympathies really should have been enough - I don't know if he has actually officially endorsed creationism, but he works pretty diligently with the DiscoTute and seems to accept the Academic Freedom Bullshit. And his father *was* a signatory to the Discotute petition A Scientific Dissent From Darwinism. Medved sr. actually passed away some years ago, but was still on the Discotute list last time I checked, by the way.

  2. Also, someone named Jack Minor of the Greeley Gazette and (of course) WorldNetDaily.