Friday, March 14, 2014

#954: Jack Minor

Oh, please. No, we cannot be bothered to provide too much of an entry on this one. Jack Minor is a former pastor and currently “journalist” for the WND. For the WND he contributes the same kind of tripe as the rest of the WND bunch contributes. So for instance, when the courts rule, in accordance with law in most US states, that a business that offers its services to the public cannot discriminate based on numerous factors, including homosexuality, Minor interprets that as ruling that “‘gay rights’ trump 1. Amendment.” Since it’s obviously a direct attack on religion (and notice the use of quotation marks). Yeah, that kind of guy. And not only do such rulings constitute a direct attack on Jesus himself, according to Minor “‘gay’ laws set stage for pedophilia ‘rights’.” Again those quotation marks? Well, Minor quotes Linda Harvey, who has suggested that gays don’t exist (but nevertheless are dangerous). And it is easy to suspect that the quotation marks around ‘rights’ may signify the view that rights that contradict the Old Testament (like religious freedom) are somehow inconceivable. The rest of Minor is to a large extent a series of distortions, on a variety of topics. Just like the rest of them.

Diagnosis: Typical stuff. Bigoted and stupid, but typical. 

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