Monday, March 10, 2014

#948: Dianne Miller

Dianne Miller runs the website, where she offers a version of the Jesus diet; that is, “Health and Strength Products” based on “Chapter 11 of Leviticus (the Dietary Laws of the Mosaic Code) of the Old Testament or the Torah. That chapter tells us which animals are clean and which are unclean and that you should not eat unclean animals. This is a rule given to us to maintain good health.” I don’t recommend going there for health or dietary advice, to put things diplomatically.

The website contains mostly New Age bullshit and pseudoscience, though. For instance, Miller pushes the fear of Electro-Magnetic Fields – “(v]irtually all research on the serious health effects of man-made EMF” has apparently shown seriously adverse health effects of long-term exposure to EMF. It is notable, I suppose, that she doesn’t give any references; by “research” she apparently means conclusions made somewhere on the University of Google. Fortunately, you can apparently use Q-links (“a breakthrough technological marriage of Eastern and Western approaches to stress and imbalance” based on “biofields”) and various plastic junk to protect yourself. “Many scientists, particularly in Eastern medicine, believe the kind of energies the Q-Link helps to regulate control the whole system of blood circulation and affect the sound functioning of the entire body,” says Miller, blatantly flaunting her lack of understanding of the distinction between science and pseudo-religious woo.

You can also obtain books (hardly more reliable) and advice on “alternative energy” by Mike Brown (presumably the guy behind the 1974 book The Strength of Samson: How To Attain It aimed at bodybuilders) and read about the miracles “Desiccated Argentine beef liver has done” for Lauren Laughlin, “a licensed massage therapist and marathon runner.” But you probably shouldn’t if you care about spending your time wisely.

Diagnosis: Completely at loss, and so helplessly ignorant that it is hard to suspect fraud.

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