Wednesday, March 26, 2014

#973: Bill Murchison

Though he tries his best to spread the happy message, Bill Munro’s endorsement of hydrogen peroxide therapies for cancer (no, they don’t cure anything, and may be dangerous), and his claim to have cured his own prostate cancer in this manner, is – in the grand scheme of things – insufficient to grant him a separate entry, crazy as he may be.

William Murchison is a different matter. Murchison is an author and columnist for e.g. Chronicles, Townhall and The Lone Star Report, where he laments the absence of theocracy and compulsory religious activities for US citizens (and this guy has had a professorship in journalism, for crying out loud - at Baylor University, admittedly, but still). As most rabid fundies, his writings are permeated with paranoia, conspiracy theories and (predictable) distortions, typically: “The US. Supreme Court, in the ’60s, [determined] that the public schools enjoyed no right to allow prayer of any kind or the reading of the Bible,” which is a pretty baldfaced lie. But I guess those Biblical commandments apply to those who disagree with Murchison, not Murchison himself, for Murchison is lying for Jesus, and that makes it different.

He also laments the fact that some people are opposed to teaching Intelligent Design in public schools. The pushback from scientists is, in Murchison’s notoriously dense head, “evidence, if not of fear, perhaps of exasperation with folk who just won’t quit wanting to affirm the agency of God in creation.” The fact that Intelligent Design is completely bankrupt as a scientific theory is not an issue, for to Murchison it is all about the cage fight between Jesus and the atheists.

Diagnosis: I cannot really be bothered to research this severe case of Taliban-envy and denialism in much more detail. Murchison is stupid and evil, and that’s quite enough. 

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