Tuesday, March 25, 2014

#970: John Mullen

John Mullen is a disciple of Hulda Clark and, according to himself, “a modern-day gifted healer – a medical intuitive – who brings a unique blend of inspiration and real-world application to his clients. With more than thirty years experience in alternative therapies, supplements and herbs, John is a master at analyzing the root cause of people’s health challenges and aligning the nerves, organs and body functions so that the body can heal.” In other words, he’s a blathering crackpot, and he’ll offer you a truly inspired array of incoherent junk, from Chinese Energetic Medicine, to the Slater Vibrational Frequencies, as well as the infamous techniques of Hulda Clark, Standard Process concentrated food substances and Young Living Essential Oils. To top it off, he employs a unique remote healing technique based on energetic medicine and nerve alignment – that is, he “uses nerves to balance blood problems; body vibrations to harness viruses and bacteria; and glands to heal with neurological deficiencies.” Apparently he does not have the faintest clue how the body, physics, medicine or reality works, but what is evidence and accountability compared to John Mullen’s powers of intuition? His approach has allegedly been proven time and time again with people suffering from critical health issues, such as cancer, leukemia and strokes, but unfortunately the studies – despite their revolutionary contents – are apparently yet to be published (the actual mechanisms behind his alleged success are of course the ones described here). Mullen’s efforts have been praised in, among other things, “Road to Health” (no link), the absolutely abysmally loony newletters of Bonnie O’Sullivan.

Mullen’s practices are discussed in detail here.

Diagnosis: Maybe not the most influential of the Horde, but Mullen is surely one of the less reality responsive. Needs an entry.

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