Friday, March 28, 2014

#976: Diana Napolis

A.k.a. Karen “Curio” Jones (Napolis’s Internet pseudonym)

Diana Napolis is an ex-therapist who believes there is a vast Satanic conspiracy attempting to cover up widespread ritual abuse. She is by far most famous for her online – let’s call it – “criticisms” of psychologist Elizabeth Loftus, and for apparently being sentenced to probation and mental health counseling for stalking Hollywood celebrities, including Jennifer Love Hewitt and Steven Spielberg. Napolis claimed that Hewitt and Spielberg were part of a satanic cult that was using psychotronic weaponry in which to control her mind – apparently Spielberg was responsible for implanting a microchip (a “soul catcher”) into her brain. In Napolis’s own words: “there were attempts by some to impact the bioenergetic fields around the human body and interior to the body and that the utter destruction of these fields results, ultimately, in complete technological possession. […], but various cult organizations have other agendas which include unique abuses personal to their own religious persuasion such as destroying the Chakra system and the actual astral body of the target.” But Napolis was unable to provide the required documentation for the courts. She subsequently made it onto popeater’s list of 10 worst celebrity stalkers of all times. Her website is here, but I don’t necessarily recommend going there (the Diana Napolis Watch webpage is here).

Now, the story is pretty much just a sad one (part of the early stuff is recounted here), and one could easily argue that Napolis shouldn’t really be included in our Encyclopedia. The reason she is, however, is primarily because of her absolutely batshit groupies on the Internet. Defense of Napolis is a mainstay at many of the fringe pits of the Internet, and includes at least the following:

“Investigative journalist” James F. Marino seems to believe Napolis’s own claims of being a “mind control victim and [herself a] target of organized stalking.” But then Marino is not obviously that good at distinguishing fact from his own muddled paranoid fantasies. When Napolis accounted for the alleged assaults being waged against her, as well as the NSA’s perceived ability to use its directed energy weapons to disrupt the natural energy meridians in the body (“the 7 chakras”), Marino sagely concluded that “those who perpetrate the use of this technology are now attempting to disrupt the spiritual realm within the bodies of their targets,” which is not the correct conclusion to draw.

Another defender is Ellen P. Lacter, who runs the website, devoted to fighting the ritual Satanic abuse and mind control that, in Lacter’s mind rather than reality, is apparently running rampant. Then there is Elana Freeland, of, who apparently thinks the Napolis story is proof of how the Conspiracy stalks and tortures dissenters – her source is, of course, Napolis herself, and the trustworthiness of the source appears to be that Napolis’s dissenters can obviously not be trusted since Napolis doesn’t trust them.

Diagnosis: Primarily a sad case, of course, but it would apparently be wrong to judge her “harmless”. The most fascinating element, however unsurprising, is the assertions of delusion and paranoia her case has evinced from the Internet.

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